SEO Techniques

There might be many categorical SEO methods we are using but one term called relevancy is the backbone of all SEO techniques. We will give more focus on how relevancy is the main mantra of all SEO methods later in this blog. First starts with the two basic SEO techniques 1) On-Page SEO, 2) Off-Page SEO. When you will Google these two terms you may find lots of descriptions describing what is On-Page and what is Off-Page optimization, but I always try to keep these definitions as simple I can.

On-page optimization refers to all measures that can be taken directly within the website in order to improve its position in the search rankings. Examples of this include measures to optimize the content or improve the Meta tags. In the other hand off-page SEO refers to activities outside the boundaries of the webpage, such as Link Building, online Reputation management etc. With the passage of time Off-Page optimization somehow lost its importance to small extents and On-page optimization gained lots of importance. The importance of both the techniques is a separate issue and we will discuss this matter in a separate topic. I feel this is important to describe what are the popular On-Page and off-page SEO techniques.

Some of the popular On-Page Techniques are 1) Meta Tag Optimization 2) Page content Optimization 3) Header tags Optimization 4) Optimizing Internal linking structures 5) landing Page Optimization 6) Making websites Mobile Compatible 7) Reducing page loading times etc.

However Off-Page Optimization is further divided into two categories I) Link Building II) Online reputation Management. Under Link Building we use popular techniques like Blogging, Directory Submissions, Social Bookmarking, Business reviews, Article Submissions, Press Release Promotions, document Sharing etc. Under Online Reputation Management we utilize techniques like Forum Posting, Community creations, Photo Sharing, Video Promotions, Local Listings, Classified Submissions etc.


Importance of SEO

As a beginner you must need to understand what SEO is, well this is a process of optimizing a websites’ performance and appearance in various Search Engines. In current situation every business (small/large business) owns a website. If there is a website you must have a desire to come up in the search results of various search engines, most importantly on Google. You might target to a specific location or state or country, but you always have a desire to come on the 1st page of Google Search.

Here comes the importance of SEO, by utilizing ethical SEO practice you can help your website to rank on the 1st page of Google by defeating your competitors website. This is not only about your online reputation, but also have an impact on your business. Obtaining a higher rank in different search engines will provide you a large number of quality visitors to your website. From that huge traffic (visitors) you can get some clients who will in-turn give you higher revenue. Some people always make a mistake by treating SEO only as an Online Reputation Building Tool. But the recent trends and statistics proved them wrong; SEO indeed is the most genuine way of Online Marketing and an exceptionally important tool to improve your revenue. When your website comes up in the search results, it makes an impact on visitors to go through your website and if you have managed your website in a user friendly way, you might get a potential customer.

Along with these good impacts, SEO have also some negative impacts on your business if you are not managing it in ethical way. Your website may be penalized by Google which in turn will push your website to the bottom results of Google search. So you are always advised to take necessary suggestions from SEO experts and make it easier for you to reach to your desired visitors and potential clients.